LiSteN.TO/ URL shortener and redirection service

Hello! We are We are the shortURL that shouts: LISTEN TO US! We are shorter in length than other URL shorteners, e.g. or even
We give you the opportunity to select your own personalised short handle. An example of this is for the radio station in Aberdeen, Scotland: Northsound Two.

IDENTITY: Why continue to use long strings of random and irrelevant characters when you can choose one that's appropriate and represents who you are?

IMPACT: It's specific and it's meaningful to music, radio and voice, making the address more memorable to your visitors, which makes it ideal for tweeting by not only yourselves!

COMPLEMENTARY: You could use your address as your main URL or even as a secondary URL to direct to dynamic subsections of your website, e.g. events, features, competitions, audio players or your promotional campaign microsite. You could also point to a third-party address such as your externally-hosted voice demo clip.

Contact us today for more information and to discuss your requirements.